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Fosters Needed

We are always in need of fosters.  There is a required volunteer orientation that is done prior to fostering any animals.  It is usually done as an informal meeting over coffee with at least one of our volunteers.  The group will provide ALL supplies needed in fostering the animals such as food, bowls, collars, leashes, crates, etc.

An easy way to help is to share about our group on social media. And above all else, PLEASE spay/neuter your pets and encourage neighbors, friends, and relatives to do the same!!


Pitt Friends paw print
Pitt Friends paw print
Pitt Friends paw print

by Beth Frazier Smith

a new pitt friends foster

I always hear “Idk how you do it!” “ I couldn’t foster” “I’d get too attached”. The truth is— we DO get attached. It is hard...BUT it is soooo rewarding!

When I first started fostering Sherry Sheldon told me her moto was “only to a home better than my own” and I took that to heart. When you foster and finally find the perfect family, sure it’s hard to see them go, but your heart is so full as well. These families become a part of you and a lot of them still keep up with you even after adoption day. Bruno and Luna were our first ever fosters— and puppies at that! We fell in LOVE with them but eventually found them both the perfect home tears were shed, we were sad, but seeing them now makes it all worth it! We get regular pup-dates on Bruno even today!

So if you’ve been thinking, “I can’t do that!”, I beg you to think on it a little bit and then start fostering. We need you!! You really CAN do it.

Did you know our rescue only have about 10 total fosters? Dogs are turned away because we don’t have fosters for them to go to. Truly if you are on the fence, ask all the questions. We will all be honest with you. Truth be told— you CAN do it and we NEED you!!

Pitt Friends paw print
Pitt Friends dog illustration
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