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Pitt Friends puppy photo

Friends of the Pitt County Animal Shelter, better known as Pitt Friends, is a 501(c)3 non-profit group that was founded to exclusively help the animals at the Pitt County Animal Shelter.

Aside from aiding the high kill shelter in any way we can, our main priority is pulling dogs into foster homes. These foster homes stretch across Pitt County, North Carolina, as our small volunteer-run group does not have a centralized location.

For more information about our partners at the Pitt County Animal Shelter

Board &

"Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart."

- Elizabeth Andrew

Pitt friends paw print
Pitt friends paw print

Bobbie Parsons has been an avid supporter and advocate for animal rights in Pitt County for countless years. She was a cruelty investigator for 30 years, served on the East Carolina University Animal Care and Use Committee for 26 years and has been helping animals find their forever homes through fostering for over 35 years.


In her time as a foster, she dedicated 25 years as President of the Humane Society. Within those 25 years, there were 20 where the Humane Society was run at her home. Later, when the facility was originally purchased on Tupper Road, it was named in her honor.


After separating from the Humane Society, she formed Friends of the Pitt County Animal Shelter (a.k.a. Pitt Friends) to focus exclusively on rescuing from the Pitt County Animal Shelter. 

Bobbie Parsons

Founding Member

Sherry Sheldon has been a key member since joining Pitt Friends. She passionately advocates, fundraises and pursues the pulling of special needs/medical cases into our foster system.  She takes time training our new volunteers and making sure they have what they need to care for our fosters.  She's also more than likely one of the faces you've met at our adoption events, as she actively searches to find our dogs forever homes.

Sherry sheldon


Jennifer Robinson began volunteering with Pitt Friends during Hurricane Florence in 2018. She is one of our special needs fosters and helps organize fundraisers and events. She also coordinates our appearances on 107.9 WNCT.


Jennifer's favorite part of fostering is "when a foster comes into my home and I first see the fear leave them because they realize they are safe! And I love when I go to finalize an adoption and the dog is already so settled in their new home that they are not even that excited to see me!"

jennifer robinson

Vice President

Amanda Grice has been fostering with Pitt Friends since 2018 and works as one of our special needs fosters, in particular caring for ferals and dogs with skin issues. She has spearheaded fundraising and outreach events throughout Pitt County.

amanda grice


Joy Hill has been with the group since 2018 as a valuable foster home. She'll take in anyone and everyone regardless of age, breed or condition. She also manages our group's medication reserves, such as heartworm treatments, flea prevention, and vaccines. Joy also takes her fosters with her to work where she is a school media coordinator!

joy hill


Justine Wilson is relatively new to Pitt Friends and loves volunteering as a foster and going to adoption events. She helps manage foster and adoption records, maintains our website, and answers emails. 

justine wilson

Data Manager

Debra and Joe Butler help in any way they can, from picking up new fosters from the shelter to fostering to setting up events and collecting and organizing supplies. They are also the official Pitt Friends cheerleaders!

debra & joe butler


Pitt Friends  runs solely on the dedication and time of its volunteers.  They brave harsh weather and other difficulties in trying to achieve their goal of reducing the number of homeless pets.  Let's give them a round of applause!!

We are always looking for new volunteers!  Click Below and email us if interested in volunteering:

Pitt Friends dog illustration
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