Pitt Friends (Friends of Pitt County Animal Services)

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 Who we are

Friends of the Pitt County Animal Shelter, better known as Pitt Friends, is a 501(c)3 non-profit group that was set up to help the animals at the high kill shelter in Pitt County. We help with many things at the shelter and we also have foster homes that pull animals from the shelter to keep them until good homes are found. We are a very small group and can always use volunteers! If you would like to see all the animals we have up for adoption please visit our Petfinder site at http://www.pittfriends.petfinder.com/

Please note that Pitt Friends does not have a central location.  We are comprised of individual foster homes.  Given the amount of dogs/cats that come into the shelter on a daily basis, we are unable to pull directly from the public.

 Our Mission

Working to save animals from the shelter(s) is the goal of Pitt Friends. Many dogs and cats spend many weeks at the shelter waiting for their forever homes.   They become quite happy waiting for their forever home while in foster care.  They are very grateful for the volunteers and foster homes of Pitt Friends.  Without them, many of the dogs and cats may never know life outside the shelter.  And remember...with every foster dog or cat adopted, that allows a foster home to pull a new dog or cat from the shelter into foster care.  Its a win-win situation.


 Fosters Needed

We are always in need of fosters.  There is a requirement volenteering orientation that is done prior to actually fostering any animals.  It is usually done as a lunch meeting with at least one of our volenteers.  The group will provide all supplies needed in fostering the animals such as food, bowls, collars, leashes, crates, etc.  

Did you know...

Animals get as much time as possible before being put to sleep but unfortunately it still isn't enough for most of them.

You can HELP!! PLEASE spay and neuter your pets and encourage neighbors, friends, and relatives to do the same and we will see a decrease in euthanasia. It won't happen over night but it can happen with everyones help!!


Pitt County Animal Shelter

Shelter Hours:

Monday through Friday 1 to 5 pm

***Must make an appointment due to covid***


4550 County Home Road

Greenville, NC 27858

(Right next to the Farmer's Market)

Reduce the Unwanted Pet Population by Spaying or Neutering 

If you would like to get your dog(s) and/or cat(s) spayed or neutered at a reduced fee, please contact Spay Today, located across from the Pitt County Animal Shelter, at...

(252) 321-8839




Interested in becoming at Pitt Friends volunteer? Email Pfvolunteer@yahoo.com for more information!


To make a donation online, please use our PayPal link below...





Adoption Application

Fill out an adoption application using the following Google Form:

**Must be 21 or older to apply**

Cat Application

Dog Application


Heartworm Prevention

True or False:  "My dog is an inside dog.  He/she doesn't need heartworm prevention."  Answer is:  FALSEMosquitoes, like most other insects, can get indoors too.  Heartworms are transmitted to dogs and cats by mosquitoes.

Many of the dogs that come into foster care are heartworm positive.  This is a completely preventable disease. Pitt Friend's missions is to make the public aware about hearworms, heartworm disease and heartworm prevention.

 There are often no signs or symptoms that the animal has been infected.  Monthly prevention is the most effective tool in preventing this horrible disease.  The treatment for a dog with heartworms is quite painful, and if not monitored properly, deadly.  There are many different forms of heartworm prevention.  Speak with your vet about which form of prevention will be best for your dog/cat, as well as your budget.  Mosquitoes, like most other insects, can get indoors too.  Heartworms are transmitted to dogs and cats by mosquitoes. 

For more information on heartworms, please go to www.heartwormsociety.org